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1661 East 2nd Ave at Commercial Drive


Local Knowledge

Commercial Drive is called Little Italy for the Italian people who made their homes here after World Wars I and II. Its bohemian spirit has been compared to Greenwich Village and Paris’ Rive Gauch. It’s as much Squamish Nation as it is United Nations. It’s one of the few places in the city where you can find more independent businesses than corporate chains. It has more yoga studios than Yaletown and grassroots activism on par with the Downtown East Side. It’s one of two neighbourhoods in Canada where the Olympic Torch had to be rerouted because spectators couldn’t agree on whether to cheer or boo.

Commercial Drive, like the colourful people who call it home, has little use for labels. It’s too diverse, too full of quirky contradictions. And though it’s not for everyone – particularly those who feel at home in homogeny or long for the comfort of the Big Box – The Drive has the feeling of a self-contained universe: one that thrives on creativity, yet respects history in a young city like Vancouver.

It’s somewhere you can ditch your car for days and, within blocks, find the ingredients for la dolce vita – food, wine, art, music and, of course, coffee. It’s the kind of place you can look forward to hearing a funny story or new language waiting to pay for groceries. But perhaps the biggest draw for The Drive is its diversity – and the simple fact that, on a sunny day, you could be anywhere in the world.

Local News

Situated at 2nd and Commercial, LOCAL is a new, passively designed collective of homes that (unlike its location) can be summarized in a word. Clean. From cleaner air to a cleaner visual aesthetic, the LOCAL building will offer a modern alternative in a classic neighbourhood:

  • Clean air. Allergy-sufferers, rejoice! Thanks to an innovative HR-ventilation system, LOCAL residents will enjoy fresh, filtered, dehumidified air around the clock…and an end to dusty baseboards and foggy bathroom mirrors – not to mention, that toxic “new housesmell” (a sure sign of indoor air pollutants) through the use of low-VOC materials.
  • Clean energy. LOCAL applies the principles of passive home design to ensure its homes are as healthy and efficient as possible, with UVcollectors heating water.
  • Smaller carbon footprint. We’re committed to using local suppliers for building materials wherever possible: companies like Innotech from Abbotsford for its low-E, tilt-n-turn windows, or Vancouver-based IBC for its high-efficiency natural gas boilers.
  • Clean aesthetic. West Coast modern inside and out, LOCAL’s features include polished radiant-heated concrete floors and sustainable pine exterior cladding.

And, if all this seems just a little too clean, you can always bring your pets and your car: LOCAL is 100% pet-friendly and includes secure underground parking for every home.

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