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1655/1661/1669 East 2nd Ave at Commercial
British Columbia

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The Invitation

Streamline Properties Inc. has secured three adjacent properties that will be consolidated to create a development site for our newest project, deVille.

The properties are presently zoned RM4 which is appropriate for the proposed development of approximately 25 to 30 studios, one, and, two bedroom condominiums.  The project falls exactly in line with the City’s Official Community Plan for the area, by way of increased density developments running along main thoroughfares.  Streamline is very pleased with the potential that this project offers, as there have been limited multi-family properties available in this area which has enjoyed a strong market growth in the past several years. Most properties developed in this area have been duplex and triplex new construction or refurbished older character homes.  deVille presents an excellent opportunity to place a unique quality development right in the heart of the Commercial Drive community.

The design of deVille will be west coast contemporary with an expressive edge suitable for Vancouver’s Commercial Drive. The building nestles on a gently sloping site just west of the bustle of Commercial Drive in the heart of east Vancouver.  Every detail will be deliberately reserved, letting natural colours and materials converge with the vibrant community. The 4 level building will provide a collection of suites containing gracious rooms and styled finishings to complement the urban living lifestyle.

The Drive

Perfectly located just a few steps off the Drive bustling with a variety of shops and restaurants, within a few minutes to downtown, and centrally located to all parts of the lower mainland. The established residential and commercial street has continued to remain a true neighbourhood community.

The area offers convenience of a number of professional services, businesses, boutiques and a wide array of eateries unique in the city. 

To good to be true? 

Here’s what they are saying at
“Commercial Drive is not only a unique neighbourhood in Vancouver, but it's bucking the trend in North America towards homogenous, franchised malls and big box warehouses. 

The 15 blocks of Commercial Drive from Venables to Grandview, nearly a mile long, are home to the most eclectic mix of businesses in the city. Of the 298 businesses on the Drive, the majority are single location and owner operated, making our product mix, dining experiences, produce, entertainment and services completely unique to the Drive.”

Want more?  
In the words of Rick Antonson, Tourism Vancouver president,
"Vancouver has to be careful it doesn't turn into a bland North American city with good looks, but no personality. Our greatest danger is that we could become just a generic city, another nice North American city. We will be judged by Commercial Drive and whether it becomes just another Robson Street. Commercial Drive defines us."

The Georgia Straight lists Commercial Drive as the #1 Best Argument Against Mega Shopping Malls!
“That pretty much nails it.  Nowhere else in the City will you find such a treasure trove of unique products and gifts or such a diverse array of savoury experiences – either expertly prepared or produce fresh from the farm.”


If you would like more information on how you can participate in the development of this extraordinary building in a most unique area, please contact us.

This is not an offering for sale, which is only made by way of a development disclosure statement.

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